The secret is out… Axela Kitchens & Property Brothers

We recently had the pleasure of meeting the Property Brothers, Johnathan and Drew, and enjoyed the whirlwind that goes along with filming two kitchen remodeling projects. We can’t wait for you to see the finished project when the shows air in the upcoming season. In the meantime, here’s what we can tell you:
  • Axela Kitchens was selected to provide kitchen cabinetry for two homes, one in Greenwich, Connecticut, the other in Ryebrook, NY.
  • Johnathan and Drew were as nice in person as they are in the show, and we were also able to meet both sets of homeowners who were delightful and appreciative.
  • We worked with our “contractor brothers,” Wayne and Roy. They were equally amazing and earned the nickname, “the other brothers.”
  • We also worked with some incredible designers from M&P Design Group and KAM Design.
  • We already knew how much work goes into remodeling projects and were blown away by the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to film these programs. The Cineflix team was a joy to work with.
It was an honor to be selected for two upcoming episodes of Property Brothers. It was truly an amazing experience: Doing what we love, collaborating with our peers, helping appreciative homeowners, and working with both the Property Brothers and “the other brothers.” What’s not to love?

Meet Noreen

Noreen has been in the design field for over 20 years. Her varied design experience includes flooring, lighting, appliances, and decorating but she will admit :) kitchen design has always been her favorite. She enjoys making her customers smile when they walk into their kitchen to make that first cup of morning coffee! As exciting as having a new kitchen is though , she realizes that the many choices and decisions customer face when purchasing a kitchen can be overwhelming. It is her expertise and patience right there that sets her apart. She believes in educating her customers and takes the time to do it! Most importantly, she is an intuitive listener. In fact, you’ll like to hear Noreen’s favorite saying. “NMK,” which means “Not My Kitchen.” She’s committed to making sure you get what YOU want, not what the designer wants.